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This podcast deals with family violence, child abuse and a child’s murder.  Listener discretion is advised.  We have the utmost respect for the families affected by Melisha’s death and do not want to sensationalize the abuse.  Instead we hope that listeners will learn about abuse in order to be more vigilant about spotting and helping those impacted by violence in their families.

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1.1 Teaser

The 8-minute Teaser Episode for Season One Melisha Gibson gives a brief overview about the goals of the podcast as well as a summary of Melisha Gibson’s death.

1.2  The Beating 

Today’s episode focuses on the beating that Melisha received from 10/11-10/13/76.  This episode discusses details of the abuse and may be rough for some listeners.  I focus on the abuse so that people have a context to understand future episodes that will cover domestic violence research.

Future episodes will provide the academic details I’ve promised including a discussion on the type of domestic violence that Ronnie Maddux perpetrated, an examination of the mother’s actions and why she stayed in an abusive relationship, an investigation of possible reasons why Ronnie developed into such a savage abuser, a frank look at the trial and how a mother was convicted of murder despite not harming her child and not participating in the violence.  Finally, we’ll look at the changes made in social services and laws so that kids would be better protected and find out if there are still refinements we can make today.

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1.3 Patriarchal Abuse

Since one of my goals is to use academic research to explain what was happening in the Maddux home, the first subject we need to discuss in Ronald Maddux.  How and why did he behave in this manner and why did the mother allow it?  I believe that Ronald fits the profile of a Patriarchal Terrorist, also known as an Intimate Terrorist.

1.4 Happy Birthday Melisha  (Bonus Episode released on 3.10.18)

Happy Birthday, Melisha.  If you were still on this earth, March 10, 2018, would have been your 46th birthday.  Although only four years old when she died, Melisha knew love and she was cherished.   People loved her, they just couldn’t save her.  Happy birthday, Missy.
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More episodes coming soon!